How does Patek Philippe go beyond time?


In the stars gathered in the watch industry, the “P.P” this simple combination of letters, people always take the hint to show admiration and longing look. Because the Swiss watch brand not only has nearly 160 years of history, in the watch capital of Geneva has its own headquarters, workshops and museums, its more than 80 patented technology, it is a number of world record holders.
“No one can have Patek Philippe, but you are kept for the next generation.” Patek Philippe’s classic advertising language, but also a little arrogant self-confidence.

Sword and the legend of the cross

    The founder of Patek Philippe Antoine Norbertdeate (AntoineNorbertdePatek) was originally a revolutionary in 1831 Poland against Russian rule. After the failure of the Polish revolution he fled to France, after settling in Geneva, Switzerland, began to engage in the watch industry. In 1839 he and the watchmaker Francis Chancellor (FranciszekCzapek) in Geneva co-founded the Baida watches company (PatekCzapek & Cie).
In 1844, Anthony Baida and Jean-AdrienPhilippe met in an exhibition in Paris. At that time Jane Feifei has designed the case is very thin, and the chain and the adjustment is not the traditional table of the bag table. But at the time of the exhibition, this new design was ignored. And Anthony Baida is attracted by them, the two after some conversation, immediately reached the intention of cooperation.
In 1845, the watchmaker Czapek decided to leave the company and continue his career, Patek’s so named Patek & Cie. In 1851, Fei Fei officially joined the company, the company was renamed Patek Philippe company.
The sign of Patek Philippe was made up of the knights ‘swords and priests’ crosses, also known as the “Calle de la Barre”, which came from a legend of heroes: in 1185, the city of Calle de la Barca was invaded by the Moors, Pastor Raymond and Knight Dío Velas Keys rate the people to die desperately, eventually driving away the Moors. The priest’s cross and the sword of the knights become a symbol of solemnity and courage. It also represents the spirit of cooperation between Anthony Patek and Jane Philip. This sign is used since 1857.
In 1932, Charles and Jean Stern, both of which had a fine dial factory in Geneva, acquired the company. So far, Patek Philippe has maintained a family business status.
For the pursuit of high-level products, Patek Philippe material selection at the expense.
At the London World Exposition in 1851, the Queen chose and bought a Patek Philippe bag. This is only the use of the new handle handle pocket hanging in a set of 13 diamonds on the gold pin, enamel blue gold watch cover decorated with diamonds made of roses. At that time, the Queen’s husband Burt Prince also bought a Patek Philippe hunting table. Patek Philippe thus laid its aristocratic status.
Early Patek Philippe case, using the material for the silver and 18K gold. Since the 20th century, most of the choice of 18K gold, or even platinum. The use of all-steel case, Patek Philippe has been cautious. Patek Philippe table movement are used high drilling number, the early table in more than 15 drill, and later the product to 29 drill as much. 60 years of production of some of the performance of the complex gold watch, drilling up to 37 drill, for the same table rare.

The last independent table business

  Complex function is the watch industry in the top of the process, and Patek Philippe’s superb manufacturing technology, creating a number of top brand table.
In 1927, the United States car king Bogard’s order, the company produced a can play his mother’s most beloved lullaby three question, when the value of 8300 Swiss francs. In 1985, Patek Philippe produced 940 models of multi-function watches, automatic, calendar, moon phase, leap month, automatic jump and other functions, the body thickness of only 3.75 mm, the thinnest for the same watch.
In 1989, the Patek Philippe Museum launched the Caliber89 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the company. This time has experienced nine years of development, a total of 33 complex functions and 1728 parts.
In 1999, Patek Philippe created in 1932, a large single-button timetable HenryGraves pocket watch to the price of 11 million US dollars to become the world’s most expensive timepieces, and to have 24 complex functions set a world record. This is a table that is unique to a banker in the United States, showing 24 different kinds of information: month, date, sunset and sunrise time, and even including any night in New York City stars and the moon profit and loss chart.
In 2002, the platinum model “World Time” beyond the limit, can indicate the time of 41 countries, regions and cities; 2007, 1591 models to 2.2 million US dollars to become the highest price ever auction stainless steel watch watch.
At present, Patek Philippe is the world’s only hand-refined, and can be completed in the original factory all the tabulation process, Switzerland, the only one of the real independent watchmakers – from beginning to end are their own production, and adhere to the traditional watch Process. Swiss watch industry, said the traditional manufacturing practices for the “Geneva 7 kinds of traditional watchmaking process”, which means a combination of designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, watchmakers, sculptors, porcelain painters and precious stones of the traditional crafts, which is Patek Philippe is the most proud of the characteristics.
For more than a century, the Geneva seal (GenevaSeal) in the Patek Philippe mechanical movement continues to develop and improve the process, as its abide by the quality standards, a clear definition of the mechanical movement required to achieve the highest quality level. The Geneva mark set up in 1886 is the highest honor of the clock, and Patek Philippe is the only one of the entire production line have been stamped with the Geneva watch factory.
Manufacturing a Patek Philippe watch need more than 1,200 operating procedures. A new mechanical movement takes three to five years. In the manufacturing process, the need for more than 600 hours of quality control checks, to 30 days of careful observation and strict examination. Behind these figures is the skill of craftsmen. Parts are decorated with Geneva stripes or wood grain, each watch are individually assembled, polished and adjusted. Only to complete the test of the watch can be printed on the name of Patek Philippe.
Nineteenth Century made Patek Philippe table, although the end of the axle has been rotating in the bearing more than 12 billion times, but still accurate sigh.
Patek Philippe company’s watch production has strict restrictions, most of the models are a small amount of production, less only five. For the famous model, at most only a few hundred. Now the annual output, but 41,000. From the company to the present nearly a half century, its total output is less than a fashion table of the annual output. From the beginning of the creation of the company, Patek Philippe in the file management for each table to do a record. In addition to repair and cleaning these practical purposes, it also shows that every watch is unique.
Fine plus limited, so that Patek Philippe table with hedging function.
Caliber89 to the early nineties had appreciated four times. The company produced in 1953, a platinum diamond sun and moon calendar male watch, held in Hong Kong at the 97 spring auction by a European buyer to 5.3 million Hong Kong dollars to buy, breaking the perpetual calendar watch the highest price and Asian watches Auction the highest two records. Last May, a 1943 Patek Philippe sold 6.25 million Swiss francs in Geneva, equivalent to $ 5.7 million. Several series of Patek Philippe have broken through the millions of dollars in the mark. In 1992 the value of $ 100,000 $ 2499 series in Geneva and sold $ 3.3 million. From 2006 onwards, Christie’s auction house has sold more than one million dollars in the price of 18 Patek Philippe watches.
Today, in the list of Patek Philippe customers, a total of 100 kings, 54 queens, but also lack of such as Einstein, Curie, Charlotte Blunt, Tchaikovsky and other celebrities.

Settled in China

  In July 2005, Patek Philippe to Shanghai as the entry point to enter the Chinese mainland market, this store is following the Geneva and Paris after the world’s third store. In 2008, Patek Philippe opened a store and service center in Beijing.
Patek Philippe in China chose a different model with other places, the United States and the United States commissioned the most time agents and retail, and only to enter the market in the form of stores.
The United States when the Group as early as 1872 to facilitate the establishment of offices in Shanghai, operating raw materials, cameras and other consumer goods business, and Patek Philippe cooperation also has 20 years of history. For this business model, Patek Philippe President Philippe Stern (PhilippeStern) explained that “the United States and China have nearly 140 years of trade, we have to enter the Chinese market, of course, they are the best guide, which Like traveling. ”
For the strict control of the production of Patek Philippe, there is not enough products to supply a large number of distribution channels. And Patek Philippe all over the world’s 70 countries, 600 selected retailers, is the result of hundreds of years of development from time to time. Therefore, Patek Philippe has always insisted on their inherent development rhythm and philosophy, low-key and sound. In China’s brand promotion, is no exception. Last year, Patek Philippe sold nearly 100 in China.