Deep Sea King Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

In 2006, Seamaster Planet Ocean made a professional dive watch status with a bright orange ring. 2011 is another milestone in development. This year Planet Ocean more than a blue bezel, but also bring the brand the first use of coaxial escapement system of their own chronograph movement Cal. 9300/9301. Seamaster explores the deep sea course
In the twentieth century when the watch is still in the early stage of development, individual watch brand has long-term vision, taking into account the watch waterproofing problem, Omega is one of them, in 1932 to create a waterproof design of the Marine. After the birth of Seamaster in the fifties and seventies, began to shoulder the task of deep sea, with the continuous improvement of waterproof technology, Seamaster not only deeper and deeper, the family members become larger, in addition to Ploprof, James Bond and Aqua Terra, 2005 New Planet Ocean.

1932 years
Seamaster is the representative of the Omega diving, but the first responsible for the development of waterproof function is Marine, when the time in 1932, when Seamaster has not yet been born. This first generation of waterproof table is simply the design of the shell shell, that is, with a shell to tighten the watch sets, reducing the opportunity to enter the water. Now looks very primitive concept, but the technology has not yet and now advanced, has not yet invented screw-in bottom cover and crown, so the design has been able to effectively waterproof, waterproof watch is an important footnote in the history of development. In fact, in the thirties, Marine was the first watch to be able to successfully challenge the more than 70 meters of water depth test.、

The official birth of Seamaster in 1948. Its shape design with today’s diving watch style is very different, in fact, Seamaster was not used to dive, the main advertised but reliable and has excellent waterproof function, as they are for the British Royal Air Force to provide the same military version of the watch The So the watch is not diving bezel, shape design is still gentle, with the mainstream style of the watch was not much different, there are three pin and chronometer level of the three small two models. Watch with screw-in bottom cover, waterproof apron and enhanced version of the crystal mirror, waterproof performance of about sixty meters, the bottom cover engraved with the words of the water, now often see the hippocampus mark has not yet appeared.

In the 1950s, with the diving activity becoming more and more common, the single water pollution could not meet the needs of the athletes, then Seamaster began to transform, designed for diving activities, changed the Seamaster 300. See the name or will think it can waterproof 300 meters, in fact, two hundred meters only, but why is it called three hundred? The original test waterproof performance of the instrument can only be measured up to two hundred meters, but the brand that Seamaster waterproof strength far better than this standard, so called Seamaster 300. At this time the Seamaster shape and the previous generation has been significantly changed face, more waterproof bezel, dial into black, minute scale and three pointers are increased, and luminous display, easy to read in the dark underwater environment.

1970 years
Seamaster is another development milestone, then the depth of water from two to three hundred meters leap to waterproof 600 meters, the official challenge to professional diving, watch the name of the rules into Seamaster Professional 600. Its other title is Ploprof, from the French word PLOngeur PROFessional word, meaning the professional diving. It is marked with the use of four years to develop a large form of large shell. Other watch to helium valve release helmet within the watch, Omega Zeyi this structure is strong, inside the large shell of vacuum for helium saturation problem. Another feature of the watch is the upper right corner of the orange button, it is locking the mechanism of rotating bezel. Since the most important time reading is diving, so the minute hand is particularly large, and decorated with bright orange, so that reading is more clear and easy. The watch was confirmed in the stress test, still operating at a depth of 1,370 meters.

1971 years
After a year, Omega and then a new level, launched Seamaster Professional 1000, the water efficiency will be further propelled to a thousand meters. The shape of the table is simpler than the Ploprof, back to the round case, but there are screw-in crown and bottom cover, black rotating bezel, and that large and eye-catching orange minute hand. In order to prove its high degree of water resistance, Omega, in particular, with the deep sea exploration project in the United States International Underwater Contractors cooperation, the watch installed in the miniature submarine, to the deep sea 1000 meters to shoot its operation. Seamaster Professional 1000 and 600 at that time only for a very small amount of production, has become a collection of treasures.

In 1993, Omega re-rectified Seamaster’s military capacity, and for the watch for an image, a new generation of Seamaster Professional 300. It is the design of the sixties, respectively, is the largest shell 10:00 position of the row of helium valves, dial on which eight scales into a dot shape. Two years later, this watch with the state in the film was born into death, it will be more of a James Bond watch title.

Seamaster in 2005 to further enhance the water efficiency, while the design of a new style Planet Ocean, with an orange beacon break out, and soon became a professional diving watch upstart. Its shape is derived from the first generation of Seamaster 300, but the style and taste are completely different, 10:00 position is still row helium valve, the pointer is broad arrow shape, black and orange color match modern and eye-catching, movement More is the brand in recent years to develop the Co-Axial coaxial escapement design.

year 2011
2011 new hot Planet Ocean Chronograph, shape is not much change, behind the movement is of great significance, it is the first brand of its own development of the Co-Axia chronograph movement Cal. 9300/9301.

Cal. 9300/9301
2011 Planet Ocean both inside and outside are a new look, the appearance of the biggest transformation is the dial layout from the traditional three small disk into two sets. This big change is because the body is loaded with a new Cal. 9300/9301 chronograph movement, it will usually be displayed by the two small minutes and hours into a coaxial design, a small disc can also be two Character. So do not think it like the other two chronographs can only be accumulated for 30 minutes, in fact, the same can be accumulated to twelve hours. This new movement also appeared on Speedmaster this year, but it seems that Planet Ocean’s interpretation is even better, especially the coaxial cumulative disk at the 3:00 position. Hour and minute hand, of course, the length of different, more rare is the use of two different colors embellishment, minute hand on the orange and Planet Ocean more famous orange echoes. Even if the scale is only 12,3,6 and 9 four numbers, to read the cumulative sixty minutes of data is still no difficulty.


Cal. 9300/9301 is enough to show that Omega’s development on the Co-Axial coaxial escapement has reached full maturity. This system by the British watchmaker George Daniel invented in the seventies, compared with the general lever escapement, its structure after re-arrangement, can effectively reduce the friction between parts, so watch more durable, no longer need every three years They get back to the factory maintenance oil. Omega is fancy this excellent design, in 1999 with George Daniel co-launched limited edition Co-Axial watch. And then actively research and development, in 2007 launched its own production of the Co-Axial movement Cal. 8500/8501, no longer need to hand in hand. The following year to bring the ladies for the body of the Cal. 8520/8521, as well as joined the calendar function Cal. 8601/8611 movement. On the other hand they are working hard, launched a research and application of new materials revolution, in the balance wheel loaded Si 14 silicon hairspring. This time the Cal. 9300/9301 is the first coaxial escapement system and silicon hairspring with their own chronograph movement.

Four years of maintenance
Coaxial escapement system itself is the advantage of reducing the parts of the system over the years of friction, the biggest advantage of silicon hairspring is able to completely prevent magnetic, can face the mechanical watch the biggest natural enemies – magnetic field. On the other hand, the silicon itself has a good elasticity, made of hairspring will not be deformed, do not worry like metal hair like in the day after year of the slight shocks affect the long-term accuracy. Silky gossamer with coaxial escapement system swords together, the result is more durable, the accuracy of travel time is also higher, this is the brand bold enough for the watch to provide up to four years of maintenance reasons.


9300/9301 features in addition to coaxial timing display, but also with time zone function. This is actually able to independently adjust the clock function, as if GMT watch, go to the field only need to adjust the hour by hour can be, during which the watch will not stop running. Do not look at this feature, try to fly from Hong Kong at least six hours difference in Europe, the general let the minute hand crossed six laps, and now a little twist will be able to call the first six cells, it is much more convenient.

New Planet Ocean Chronograph
The whole watch in the luminous treatment on the use of different colors, the sun is all white, dark, respectively, were blue and green. Will be used to calculate the diving time bezel dots and minute hands are particularly shown in green, the role is obvious, but can reduce unnecessary confusion.

Hour hand in the dark blue light blue, with the minute hand was significantly different, the two barriers clear, easy to identify.

10:00 location is a professional diving watch must be helium valve, printed on the crown “He” words.

The scale and figures on the ceramic bezel are made with the brand’s original Liquidmetal, which is a very low melting point, after cooling is very hard alloy, blooming silver light, with the same hard ceramic is the day of the combination.

The bottom of the table is transparent design, you can clearly see the use of silicon balance wheel hairspring Cal. 9300/9301 movement, the bottom cover is also printed with Liquidmetal and Si14 words, which is silicon element symbol.

Blue ceramic bezel style case made of titanium, smooth and matte polished, diameter 45.5mm, is one of the most popular Planet Ocean style.

Blue bezel titanium metal style with the same blue rubber band, suture is white, color fit properly. Also optional titanium chain.

Clasp is a folding design, both sides with the system, both sides can be opened with the clasp, very easy to use.

Planet Ocean’s one-way rotating bezel outer edge is serrated and can be easily manipulated.

Very large minute marks, almost filled with luminous material, in the dark environment will be issued blue light.

Printed with the Omega emblem of the screw-in crown is waterproof first six hundred meters of the line of defense. After the crown is pulled out of a grid, you can adjust the hourly or backward clockwise, easy to use when the field.

The same small dial can also read the cumulative minutes and cumulative hours, two pointers have their own length, minute hand more orange embellishment, reading is very easy.

Dali needle painted with luminous material, in the dark under the green light, with the bezel on the luminous green dot with each other to facilitate the calculation of diving time.

Central chronograph second hand end long and young, and decorated with bright orange, easy to read the outer edge of the dial fine scale.

The triangular markings used to calculate the diving time on the bezel, the luminous dots will be issued in the dark green light, with the minute hand of the luminous tone consistent, easy to read is not easy to confuse.

Seamaster Planet Ocean
Planet Ocean timetable this year for a new movement reborn, automatic models are not much better. The body of the movement is the same brand production, equipped with coaxial escapement system also use silicon hairspring Cal. 8500/8501 movement, the same four years of maintenance. Its size, although more than the timing of more than 3mm, but the diameter of 42mm to automatically three-pin function of the diving table is actually just good. Do not think it is no big difference with the previous style, in fact, carefully modified changes are buried in the details, that is only in the dark to see the luminous display. With the chronograph style, all white luminous coating will be black after the release of blue and green, green camp bezel dot and minute hand can easily calculate the diving time, which is very important for diving personnel carefully designed.

Automatic models than the timing model of the military capacity is more huge, here for the time being only selected a few elite introduction. Orange Orange Belt and Black Belt Black belt is certainly not the lack of lineup, but also the most popular road the most popular match. The new face is red gold shell style, bezel set with 42 more than two cards diamonds, 12:00 position still retains the ceramic triangle mark. Built-in 8501 movement and red gold pendulum and bridge. The new design seems to be directed at the girls, because in addition to red gold (or stainless steel) diamond, as well as all white stainless steel design, white ceramic bezel with the color surface and strap, full of summer atmosphere. Like the words, bezel diamond also have, with chain belt had. Steel and other models priced about 42,000 to 45,000, red gold diamond models sold about 240,000 yuan.


Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5mm
In the watch market in the new technology and new machinery is often a woman to stop, those built-in new technology or eclectic innovative design, is the men’s style. Only Omega has a view of equality between men and women, so that ladies can also taste the taste of new technology. They are designed for ladies watch Cal. 8520/8521 movement, is the only market use of silicon hairspring movement, escapement system is also signs of coaxial design, in other words there are Qi brand is currently the top watchmaking technology. Movement was born last year, only in the very feminine new Ladymatic, the landing Planet Ocean, obviously a bit more strong heroic. The new 37.5mm size is specially designed for the Cal. 8520/8521 movement this year. There are professional scuba diving features of Planet Ocean’s deep dive of 600 meters, one-way rotating bezel and helium-helium valves. There are ordinary steel or diamond bezel style, there are red gold diamond models. Like to wear a large table can choose the above 42mm, love the following size 40mm, and now the same style is available. Steel sales of about 40,000 yuan, red gold inlaid with 42 diamond models sold about 220,000.


Seamaster Ploprof 1200M
Planet Ocean has been able to dive 600 meters is quite powerful, but Seamaster family there are more powerful professional diving on behalf of Ploprof, dive depth of 1,200 meters. The design of the entire watch from the inside to the outside are professional diving table perfect interpretation. Watch diameter of 55.48mm, stature; have a reliable crown protection lock, the device can be released after the time and calendar adjustment. Crown placed on the left side of the case rather than the usual 3:00 position, is carefully considered, to avoid the crown hindered hand activities. As for the right side of the case, it is used to place the helium valve and 2:00 position of the bezel lock. To press this lock, bezel can be two-way rotation, to avoid diving when the opportunity to misuse the bezel. And this orange aluminum lock is the whole picture of the most finishing touch of the details, it can be said that the sacred mark Ploprof, with the orange minute hand echo each other. Case is the brand’s own Cal. 8500 coaxial escapement movement. Although Ploprof is engraved from the seventies of the design, but today it seems still have a type of grid, especially white and white circle version, more loyal than the original black face black circle design more fashionable taste. Shape enough high scores, practical aspects of the bad. In our earlier luminous brightness test, its results will be quite shiny, the whole luminous bezel in the dark like a big ring. With chain belt or white rubber belt with different taste, priced at about 70,000 yuan.

Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial
The Seamaster 300M has been the mainstay of the Omega family since it has been red on the island. Born in 1993 has been nearly two years, is still evergreen, but in the details of the continuous improvement, for example, this year from the material to start, for a hard scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, blue or black two colors, Were used to match the blue and black dial. Followed by a new two-color luminous display, as with the Planet Ocean in the dark will appear in the blue, the time circle and minute hand is green show people, calculate the diving time will not be confused situation. Equipped with the Cal. 2500 is Co-Axial design, case diameter 41mm, about 30,000 yuan sale, and a little more than 36.25mm style.

Aqua Terra Co-Axial Chronograph “London 2012″
2012 this figure will be getting hot, because again to the four years of the Olympic year. Omega has always been designated by the General Assembly of the Olympic Games, 2012 is no exception. In order to solemnly, each brand will launch different types of Olympic limited edition, this year the brand to Seamaster first to warm up, in addition to classic Seamaster 1948 limited edition, there is this Aqua Terra chronograph, diameter 44mm, blue dial PVD treatment, 18K gold scale, waterproof 150 meters, the most important thing is behind a Olympic gold medal in 2012. There are all stainless steel or gold and steel models, priced about fifty thousand five thousand and seventy thousand five thousand dollars.